Photography and Memory

Personal project


A Ketubah is a prenuptial agreement signed by the spouses during the Jewish wedding and is part of the ceremony itself. Traditionally this document is richly decorated and hand written in Hebrew. I have a great interest in typography and the special form of Hebrew characters as the gesture linked to the writing is fascinating. In Jewish tradition characters have a magic and mystic power.

This picture won the 3rd prize of the contest organised by the Foundation Jewish Contemporary Documentation Centre for the European Day of Jewish Culture 2009. The project aimed to collect pictures portraying traditions and costumes of contemporary Italian Jewry. The competition became an exhibition, named "Photography and Memory" hosted by Ikona Gallery in the Ghetto of Venice. The picture is published in the exhibition's catalogue.

The other pictures represent the tools and process of Kippah making (Yarmulka) a tradition that goes on thanks to mothers and daughters learning to take care of the men of the family. I personally learned form my mother although my skills are pretty poor compared to hers.


Agency work

LBi Italy, 2009

Client: Lavazza

Project: Viral video and contest

If you ever visited Italy in your life you might have noticed that Italians speak with their hands. This peculiarity is so famous and weird that one of the most famous Italian designers, Bruno Munari, wrote a Dictionary of Italian hand Gesture.

Lavazza, Italy's favourite espresso coffee, launched the new coffee machine "A Modo Mio" (literally: my way) that brings the magic of the authentic Italian espresso to your home. For the occasion I studied a concept for a campaign that linked the real espresso experience to the real Italian experience where gesture is the primary language linked to this loved habit.

The result was a viral video and a webpage where coffee lovers could send their own messages in their own language inviting friends for a coffee.


Personal project

Hitchcock, Wenders, Hopper, I collected shoots of hyper realistic, static yet psychologically deep landscapes and tried to deliver this sense of  expectation and suspense to my illustrations.


Personal project

I chose some of my friends and loved ones and tried to make a portrait of them focusing on their interesting personalities.


Agency work (collaboration with Meta Design, Berlin)

LBi Italy, 2008

Client: European Space Agency

Project: Competitive analysis, Brand strategy, Corporate identity, identity manual, applications implementation, corporate culture, Launch campaign, video material.

The redesign of the identity of the European Space Agency took almost a year and is still an ongoing process envisioning future possibilities on new channels and developing the digital identity.

The project covered every aspect of the process from the deep analysis (competitive field, interviews with staff, external survey), Brand strategy definition (workshops, Brand Idea), Basic elements design, to detailed implementation and Identity manual design, up to corporate culture events and launch campaign.


Personal project

What could take five creatives out of bed at five a.m.? Nothing but passion.

Five o'click lab is an independent art project, a group that gather different professionals around the pasion for photography, video and feminine subjects.

Here some shots i took in one of those early mornings.

Photostream on Flickr

You Tube channel



Agency work

LBi Italy, 2009

Client: Banca Generali

Project: Brand communication and shooting

Banca Generali is a strong group offering and managing financial products for the retail market in Italy. I participated in the redesign process of the websites of the group and in particular in the definition of the new Brand communication strategy and it's development on digital channels.

The solution found is a flexible structure represented by the concept of "Album" that could feature in each website the correct tone of voice according to corporate or commercial content.

For Banca Generali the Family Album talks closely to the client and makes him part of the family and for private banking clients a Tradition Album blends tradition and values with highly accurate and personalized solutions

Brand Booklet


Agency work

LBi Italy, 2010

Client: Ermenegildo Zegna

Project: Physical computing, user interface

Imagine yourself walking into an exclusive fashion boutique looking for a custom made italian suit. You probably expect to find the finest fabrics, the most perfectly shaped siuts of the world and extremely skilled tailors.

What you probably don't expect to find is a high tech environment that will allow the skilled tailor to mark all your measurement, select easily the fabrics of your dreams and prepare your order so that your suit will be ready within three working weeks.

This project is the result of deep analysis, research and tests made in Zegna's boutiques to create a comfortable and easy-to-use physical device with an intuitive user interface and touch screen surface. And all that long before the iPad ever appeared on the news!


Agency work

LBi Italy, 2009

Client: Cerved business information

Project: Art direction, video presentation

Video presentation of web application "My Cerved" programmed for a launch on the web.


Agency work

LBi Italy, 2008

Client: Fineco Bank

Project: website restyle and online trading application.

Complete website redesign took place in 2007/2008 and included implementation of an online trading platform.


Project: website restyle

Complete redesign project. Activities covered user experience redesign, usability evaluation and intervention to redefine booking procedures and graphic restyle.


Agency work, pitch

LBi Italy, 2009

Client: Baldini Castoldi Dalai editore

Della moda, online fashion magazine of the Baldini&Castoldi Dalai editor. Graphic proposal.


Agency work, pitch

LBi Italy, 2010

Client: Lavazza

Slow emotion. A delicate blend between the intimacy of drinking a coffee and it's social role in short breaks.

Coffee is an authentic pleasure Experience and every moment may be right everywhere: at home, in the office or just walking around.

Who else but Italians know something about pleasure? Lavazza merges it expertise with Italian know-how in welcoming and friendly take care of others.

Should it be entertaining someone who's waiting, inviting friends and colleagues for a short break or giving a service to your customers, coffee is a perfect way to build relationship with others.


Some exposure experiments with my camera in a very sunny day at the sea.

Agency work

LBi Italy, 2010

Client: ESA - European Space Agency

ESA's website is undergoing a redesign according to the newly launched Corporate Identity.

A high level experience study made redesign possible, integrating the new elements of identity smoothly and erthinking the whole user experience.

According to the new Brand values the tone of voice has changed becoming more informative, editorial and friendly and leading to an open conversation with users engaging people and motivating interaction and participation

The global aim was to first engage in a conversation; adapt language to the audience and than let the conversation flow with no worries

This was possible thank to a high flexibility of content that becomes "fluid", a scalar structure highly adaptable, and redundant identity elements.


Concentration, equipment, training, heart. That's all it takes. Sports, Illustrated